Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Churrasco, Yuca & Horchata

Last week a few MCG staff members took a trip to Carnegie, PA to see a an art show at The Clay Place. While in town, we stopped at Riva's Restaurant. Riva's is owned and operated by a Mexican/Nicaraguan family (Mr. Riva is from Mexico, Mrs. Riva is from Nicaragua). There's two different menus, one for each country's food, and nearly everything is made from scratch.

I splurged a bit on lunch and ordered churrasco (steak) with yuca (or cassava, a potato-like vegetable) with rice and cabbage. I also ordered one of my favorite drinks, horchata, a cinnamon-flavored rice drink.


  1. Your making me hungry, I love experiencing different ethnic cuisine and I don't think I've ever had Nicaraguan.

  2. I've been wanting to try Riva's for a year now and haven't made it out there. Invite me next time, please!

  3. Oh yea, and I fell in love with cassava when I visited Guatemala over the holidays. I had it baked with brown sugar! I'd love to know where I can buy some in Pittsburgh.